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Whether you are already retired or working to accumulate enough capital to fund retirement, you are likely aware that serious problems for most investors are the low levels of current income available from the bond markets and the possibility of devastatingly substantial losses that seem to lurk around the corner every few years in the stock markets.

If you've ever been let down by or are skeptical of the standard advice of relying on asset allocation, along with its attendant reduction in returns and the wishful thinking of "staying the course" during market declines, consider that diversification by strategy is a more successful method of managing risk.

My focus with clients is to enable them to:


    *  Secure a desired level of  lifetime guaranteed  

        income either now if already retired or later    

        upon retirement.


    *  Steadily grow investment capital to a needed

        amount by combining multiple risk

        management strategies so as to smooth out the

        variance of returns by minimizing the downside

        and upon retirement, convert enough of it into a

       desired level of lifetime  guaranteed income.  


    *  Continue using multiple risk management

        strategy combinations with the remaining

  non-income capital once in retirement in order

  to regularly fund increases of their lifetime

  guaranteed income while retired.


Understanding bear market history helps define the challenge.

Knowing the history of asset allocation returns helps define at what point on the risk/reward spectrum you are either currently positioned or considering exposing yourself to.

We use a blend of different risk management strategies designed to gain as much on the upside as possible, while avoiding most of the downside. 

If you would like to learn about investing in a liquid, risk managed advisory account that pursues a goal of achieving above average returns with below average risk, reply here with your name(s), a portfolio model selected for comparison from the history of asset allocation returns link above, your currently available account value(s), age(s) and state of residence.

If you would like to know how much is needed to secure a specific lifetime guaranteed income amount for one or two people, reply here with your name(s), desired income amount, age(s) and state of residence.